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Loss and Heartbreak, Love

Heartbreak Remembered

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Who doesn’t have a tale to tell when it comes to heartbreak? For anyone who’s ever loved and was loved back, there will always be that string tugging between love and heartbreak. Loving involves risks, but the thought of not loving and not living is even worse.

Love for all its flaws is something we all aspire to. And its twin, heartbreak, is sometimes just a pulse away. Heartbreak is that shadow that follows when you least expect it, so when those wizened by age declare, “to take it by the horns and to love without reservation,” they mean that heartbreak can literally break you apart.

I don’t know why I am writing about heartbreak tonight. All I know is that I don’t think it’s a bad idea to remember how it feels. I wouldn’t want to grow old jaded. I would like to grow old having loved as well as I did. But I am also a veteran and a poster girl for heartbreak. These are feelings you don’t want to hold too close to your heart, but remembering how it feels to have lost and to feel lost, to lose your bearings at one point in your life, should not be forgotten either.

People react to heartbreak in different ways. Some clam up, refusing to discuss this very personal experience. Some write about it, and in so doing, heal themselves of the wounds that would otherwise fester.  You feel for them. It’s as if their loss is also yours. But you cannot put yourself in their place because I believe heartache is personal. Some lose weight over a broken engagement, and some people who have put their whole faith into their relationship, are broken forever. And some, not wanting to get hurt again, refuse to take another chance, another risk.

Some people instigate their own heartbreak. Others are blind-sided and taken by surprise clueless to the very end. Do those who initiate the heartbreak come away more relieved? I think so. If you had examined your heart and your soul for why something must end, then I suppose you stand a better chance of early recovery.

All I know is that relationships are fragile and need a lot of care. And maybe some people just never learn their lessons, but again, isn’t it worth having taken the risk than not to have loved at all? 




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