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The Ease of Pilates

If you’ve never tried Pilates, perhaps the time has come.  I’ve tried Yoga, Tae-bo, and subscribe to the idea that one has to do different exercises for variety, especially if one tends to get bored easily (that’s me!).  I’ve tried Ashtanga Yoga (and still practice Hatha by myself) with a teacher and found the movements too slow, not less interesting, just a little tad slow for the type A that I am.

Which is why I would recommend that one try the reformer if just for that: try it, and see the difference in how you feel, or why the day after the exercise, you feel each and every muscle in your body has been pulled and stretched, so now I understand why the stars have such sinewy slenderness. 

I’ve been practicing Pilates by myself investing in DVD’s for the last five years. I have all the cursory accessories as well, from the bands, the ball, etc. that have seen the wear and tear of my exercise life.  A few years back, I’ve enrolled under a Pilates instructor who teaches at the local community centre near our place who unfortunately picked on your errors, calling attention to each mistake you made on the mat. I was never one for attention, and being the loner that I am, it was a mistake having enrolled under him.

So now I have enrolled with a different Pilates teacher.  He went so far as to meet me so we could discuss what I expected of a Pilates practice. We had a long talk about my passion for Pilates, and even then, with the calming way he had of explaining the exercises, I knew I had found my teacher. He said I should try the reformer, and I did. I know I would one day hop onto it and get hooked, but for now I am back to matwork. I can’t wait to begin the classes, and perhaps one day take it to another plane. I can’t curb my enthusiasm, because I honestly think I have found another calling.

I would recommend Pilates any given day. It is far above better than any other boring exercise. Though for variety, as I mentioned, I do a bit of everything (sometimes not very well) but that is no excuse to be a couch potato either.


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