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Of Vision Boards

It’s been sooo long since I last visted my blog.  The urge to write down my thoughts just sort of came over me tonight, after a long hiatus. So that when I opened my blog and read the long-ago essays, I had to ask myself, “Is there something I can write about that interests me?”  Not having written anything substantial, whether professionally or for my blog, just makes writing about out one’s thoughts  much harder.

This past weekend, my daughter asked me if we could go to Michael’s to buy stuff to create a vision board. She’s been mulling about creating one for herself, and I had expressed interest in creating one for myself as well. My daughter is like me in many ways: introspective and perhaps given to analyzing things or events.  I like creating lists, and sticking to a daily lists creates structure for my day. If that sounds a little OC, then so be it. But in the busy-ness of my life as a wife, mother, and in the process of reinventing myself  in readiness for another career, I had forgetten that there are creative ways to get that spark back, so that focus becomes an intrinsic part of my very fiber.

The idea of creating a vision board is not at all new to me. I had created my own vision board back in the day, albeit taking shape as a lists of thoughts, and subsconcious wishes of things hoped for.  And if it sounds all too New Age, I guess in my need to believe that things happen for a reason, or for moving the universe, and all that, then maybe it is. Because you see, most of the things on my lists of that long ago, came true.

I always like to see if there is anything that I am thinking about that is being written as we speak. I quickly made a detour to check what Martha Beck has written for O Magazine. And today, she’s talking vision boards and how to create one: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/How-to-Make-a-Vision-Board-Find-Your-Life-Ambition-Martha-Beck

Martha Beck is a columnist after my own heart. A few years ago, she wrote about lists, and how when one gets to the bottom of the doldrums, is when things come to fruition. When the self is so exposed that nothing else can come between wanting something so badly that the only thing that can happen is well: to make it happen. Very much like a fairy tale, right? Maybe.

Anyway, going back to the vision board, well, I have, in my mind, pictures that need to have a central place when I create my own. So powerful are these pictures that I can conjure them at will. But without a vision board in place, quite frankly, it is easy to lose track of these moving pictures, colour and all.

Now to collect those pictures, colour and all,  should be the next step. A trip to Michael’s with my daughter to collect a few supplies….should cement it.


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