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Sex and the City 2 the Movie

In a Sex and the City state of mind

My girls are at that age where they divide their time between school, part time work, and an active social life. But over the weekend we agreed we would see the movie Sex and the City 2 and tonight being a Reel Deal Tuesday, make it sweeter, half price off.

The girls had gone to their weekly workout sessions, for what I don’t know.  I guess they get the need to keep fit from me, though I’m not exactly the poster girl for fitness at this age.  But that’s getting off tangent.  We agreed to meet at the theatre. At first I didn’t see the crowd of women and girls milling around, but then some women arrived decked out in what looked like party clothes. Now, Calgary is not even within a shadow of NYC, but hey, who am I to say what you can wear especially if you’re channelling the women of SATC?

Of course on a night like this the tickets would be sold out! What were we thinking? Even though the reviews for the movie were not all great, we weren’t watching to see how the women of SATC acted (though they were pretty good (if you ask me).  We were seeing the movie for the clothes, the lifestyle, and the shoes! Unabashedly envious, but who isn’t?

My girls spent their last spring break on a holiday that covered a great part of New Jersey, NYC and the east coast. They spoke like seasoned travelers and were arguing about “Why didn’t we go to Cake Boss at Hoboken!” I’ve been to NYC once, and saw only the general outlines of this great city.  Need to go back and take the city by the horns.

Now back to the SATC 2 story. The Empire Studio 16 by our place is pretty big, but I’ve never seen a movie theatre fill up like it did tonight. The audience was made up mostly of women, from their early teens, 20s, and 30s, 40s, need I say more? There were a few men on the floor, maybe squiring their wives. Over my left peripheral view was one lone guy among a sea of women. I couldn’t help but notice how he kept laughing while watching the movie. I have never even seen my husband watch one segment of the reruns on TV, so seeing a guy openly enjoy a chick flick was just too weird.

Over Mother’s Day, my kids gave me the first season DVD of SATC. I never really watched SATC until after they ended the show. Then I started watching the reruns and that got me hooked.

But this SATC2 is one grand ride, for sure. Its pretty long, 2 ½ hours! Maybe the story line is not all that thought provoking. Some parts were all fluff/pure silliness.  When Chris Noth was on Regis and Kelly, he said something about why people (women) watch SATC.  “People watch it for the dynamic of the four women’s relationship,” A friendship over 20 years. That’s a long time, in some cases longer than a marriage!

The movie is a tribute to fashion, for sure.  I was telling my daughter that some of the 80s clothes looked like what my sisters and I wore back then. When Carrie opened her luxurious, spacious wardrobe in their over the top apartment, there was a series of oh’s in the house.

When Carrie kissed Aidan during their dinner scene, the audience shushed in the theatre. The movie was comedic (Samantha’s menopausal symptoms and her sexual one-liners). There was a grain of truth to when Miranda and Charlotte, over drinks, discuss motherhood and the guilt of needing space, why motherhood is not the only thing that defines them and so forth (and they had nannies!).

But what I liked about Sex and the City 2 is the way the women had fun. It’s a reminder to us women (with our sisters, daughters, mothers, friends, even aunts!) that women have a special bond especially if they’ve been through “sick and sin.” It’s also a reminder that sometimes, we need the space to keep things in perspective, that even though we’re married, we have to keep some mystery going. That last scene where Big was handing Carrie a black rock  “sparkle,” was about commitment, even though they remind themselves they will not be like any old boring married couple. Love SATC2. I can’t wait the buy the DVD.



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