About me

You can say that I got my inspiration from my younger sister Sienna. I am the unlikeliest person I know who would start a blog. I would hop onto one blog after another, quit and then resurrect the pages again. But I failed. I was caught between revealing too much and too little. Or trying to be private and yet yearning to let go of the words inside me. As a writer the hardest thing would be to suppress that niggling little voice inside, and time and again I have tried to do that: not write. I willed myself to stop writing and start fresh somewhere, that again failed. So now this.

Writing, you see is my vocation. My mom says its in the blood. How else to explain why several in my family, from my generation to generation X and Y are happily writing away in their corner of the earth.

But I write to save myself. Because without it, I feel disabled. So I have to give it voice.

You could say that I have traveled far, loved well, followed my instincts when necessary. I have no regrets whatsoever. I just hope that as I journey farther, I will discover new and uncommon ground.



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