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When Words Are Not Enough

ASK any self-respecting baby boomer, and they’ll tell you they want to know their family history.  In my case, the oral history of my parents; in particular, my dad’s.   Because I write for a living, it would seem the easiest thing to just ask my dad to talk about his past; his childhood, his … Continue reading

The constants of a summer afternoon

Why is it that no matter where you are, summer seems to stay the same, especially on a Sunday afternoon? Continue reading

A Second Chance at Love

Love finds you when you least expect it. Continue reading

In a Sex and the City state of mind

what is it about sex and the city that have women wanting more? Continue reading

When it rains, it falls (on why prayers work)

The one thing that doesnt fail is prayer. Continue reading

Of Vision Boards

I had created my own vision board back in the day, albeit taking shape as a lists of thoughts, and subconscious wishes of things hoped for… Continue reading

A series of thoughts on Vancouver (and more…)

A series of thoughts on our latest holiday to Vancouver…. Continue reading

My parents and Cory Aquino (and some Nida Blanca in between)

Reminiscing about Cory Aquino from a personal perspective Continue reading

The Ease of Pilates

The ease and elegance of Pilates. Continue reading

Memoirs of a Filipino Christmas

Pining for the Filipino Christmas holidays. Recollecting Childhood Christmas. What would a Philippine Christmas be without Bibingka and Puto Bungbung (rice cakes) Continue reading